Division of Water and Sewer

201 Dey Road

The Division is headed by the Supervisor of Water and Sewer Operations, with offices located within the Public Works Building at 201 Dey Road.

The Division of Water and Sewer operates and maintains the drinking water and sanitary sewer systems throughout the Township to provide the residents with clean drinking water and sanitary facilities.

The Township water facilities include water tanks, booster stations, hydrants and valves and over 260 miles of water mains. Water usage averages 6.5 million gallons per day, and is supplied by the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission.

The Division also maintains all residential water meters within the Township.

The Township sewer facilities include sewer pump stations, manholes and over 240 miles of sanitary sewer mains.

For emergency water shut offs or to report a sewer back-up or slow drain, please call 973-694-5090. Outside of the normal working hours of 7AM to 3:30PM M-F, you will be asked if you want to be directed to the Police Desk for an emergency response.

To schedule a water shut off for repair, please contact the Water Division a minimum of two (2) business days before the repair is scheduled. There is a $40 fee for scheduled shutoffs. Non-Emergency water shut offs, outside of normal working hours, are provided at overtime rates.

Water and sewer billing is done by the Division of Revenue Collection at 475 Valley Road. For all billing inquiries or if you are moving and need to request a final meter reading please call 973-694-1800 X 3029.


The Township of Wayne is required to provide a listing of water service line materials for all water services within the Township.

The water service line from the water main in the street to the curb valve at the edge of the roadway is owned and maintained by the Township.

The water service line from the curb valve to the home is owned and maintained by the property owner.

This list provides the water service line material by address.


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