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The Division of Engineering provides technical, engineering, and surveying services to the Department of Public Works and its Divisions. This Division prepares plans and specifications for a variety of public works and other improvement projects, including the Township's annual Road Resurfacing and Sidewalk Replacement programs, and supervises and inspects all work done. The Division also maintains and provides for public information maps, plans and specifications, surveys, and other records as may be required on public property, public works, and facilities owned or operated by the Township.

The Engineering Division provides technical support to other Township Departments as needed in the form of surveys, design, reviews, and inspections of a variety of public works projects. The Division additionally reviews private development projects, provides review reports to the Board of Adjustment and the Planning Board, and inspects improvements constructed by developers intended to be turned over to the Township. Applicants seeking approval shall use the checklists incorporated below as guidelines:

Environmental Protection (EP) Spreadsheet shall be used whenever Maximum Area of Disturbance (MAD) and Total Adjusted Disturbance Area (TADA) are to be calculated. Instructions on completing the spreadsheet could be found in Section 134-91.3 of the Township Code. Applicants shall incorporate the EP Spreadsheet into Site Plan.
The Township experiences numerous floods, major and minor. Engineering has developed a Flood Plain Management Plan to coordinate the township's efforts to alleviate flooding and flood damage.

Additional information is available at NJ Floodplain QuickGuide and at FloodSmart:

The Division is also responsible for regulating and inspecting activities occurring within the municipal public right-of-way, and issues road opening permits, sewer connection permits and water tapping permits. It also provides assistance to residents regarding the National Flood Insurance Program administered by FEMA. All structures located within the Federal Hazard Flood Area which have a mortgage on loan would be required to obtain flood insurance. Information concerning this program can be obtained at the Engineering Division offices.

Township code requires that property owners obtain a Street Permit if they perform work within the public right of ways such as driveway drop curb replacement, sewer and water lateral construction, and related items. Property owners must also obtain a Grading Permit if they intend to disturb more than 500 square feet, or if they intend to excavate or fill in excess of 6 inches, of their property for any purpose other than lawn restoration. These permits may be obtained at the Engineering Division office, or online at the following:

The Engineering Division has developed standard Construction Details for typical items such as storm and sanitary sewer facilities, water service facilities, concrete sidewalk, and curbs. These may be obtained at the Division's office, or online at the following: Engineering Documents

Please call the Engineering Division at (973) 694-1800 for additional information regarding construction details.

The Division is headed by the Township Engineer, with offices located at the Municipal Building at 475 Valley Road.

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